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Hottest news coverage, most talked small stocks + new educational and newsworthy videos about stock trading uploaded on Youtube channel every week. In addition you can check out free webinar on penny stocks to start your trading journey right now!

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Trading class is not just a chat room. It is program designed to teach and prepare group members to trade penny stocks. The main difference is that it is not open ended and only 25 members are allowed at any given time so you would get more individual trading education services.

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If you want to find all needed information to start trading penny stocks on your own than Penny Stocks Trading 101 online course is desgined for you. More than 5 hours of great learning material which can be accessed on demand anytime! Become better trader today!


Idea behind pennystocks.school
Experience the power of penny stocks

Many research papers and various reports from financial institutions (1, 2, 3, 4) show that micro and nano cap stocks aka penny stocks outperform its bigger counterparts. While penny stocks are illiquid they are away from the eyes of the Wallstreet institutions and high-frequency traders. Penny stocks are more likely to be mispriced due to lack of analysts coverage. This tendency allows smart investors and traders find great opportunities within this niche. As well penny stocks tend to be less correlated with the overall stock market providing a great tool for portfolio diversification (1). Here at pennystocks.school we are all about trading exchange traded penny stocks. We do not trade over the counter (OTC) penny stocks while stocks in these markets are more prone to stock promoters manipulations and scams. Pennystocks.school is the place for every retail trader to learn trading penny stocks.

  • less correlated with overall market
  • More voletile
  • away from the eyes of high frequency traders
  • Lower price


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